Out of love for the fruits of this earth – since 1930

It all started with our great-grandfather, Maurizio Giovanelli. During the first half of last century, he opened shops in Frauenfeld and Weinfelden, Switzerland.

Here he sold not only all manner of delicatessen, but also hand-selected fruits and vegetable varieties of such high quality that word of it soon got round. 

As a result, the company continuously expanded – and ultimately developed from a retailer into a wholesaler. Today we deliver directly to countless major Swiss distributors, while catering to retailers via the wholesale market.

Our range of products has also continuously grown: Giovanelli now imports products from around the world. Among other things, we are known for our diverse range of exotic fruits and vegetables.

Giovanelli is now run by the fourth generation of the founding family. Despite all the changes over the years, one thing has remained constant: our love for the fruits of the earth.  

The board of directors
Dr Hardy P. Weiss, Romeo Giovanelli and Sergio Giovanelli

Romeo Giovanelli, Sergio Giovanelli and Patrick Nusslé

Gerelli AG – The Roasting House is a sister company of Giovanelli AG, and has its head offices in the same location. 

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